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Celebrating 15 years of Peonies at Blossom Hill Nursery

Peonies are very hardy, drought tolerant, disease resistant perennials. Our original collection at Blossom Hill consisted of primarily heritage varieties. We have continued to add newer introductions of herbaceous peonies as well as species, tree and Itoh (intersectional) peonies.

Peonies are divided and sold bare root in the autumn but there are limited number of each variety so order early to avoid disappointment. 

Herbaceous peonies are bush peonies that die to the ground each autumn and regrow in the spring. Tree peonies are woody shrubs that lose their leaves in autumn but the stems remain and produce leaves and flowers the next spring. Itoh or intersectional peonies are crosses between the herbaceous and tree peonies. They die to the ground each autumn and regrow in the spring. Their foliage and flower colours tend to be similar to that of tree peonies.  


This variety has not appeared in our catalogue before

This variety is sold out for the season

Alley Cat $25.00
(Klehm, 1995) Lactiflora
Irregular shaped green and cream petals. Blooms Early

Amalia Olson $40.00
(Olson, 1959) Lactiflora,
APS Gold medal 2011
Double very full white. fragrant.  mid to late season.

Ann Berry Cousins $30.00
(Cousins, 1972) Herbaceous Hybrid
Semi-double salmon with golden stamens. Blooms early

Athena $45.00
(Saunders, 1949) Herbaceous Hybrid,
Single peachy ivory  large rose pink flares. fragrant. Very early

Auguste Dessert $25.00
(Dessert, 1920) Lactiflora
Double violet-rose on strong stems. midseason.

Bill  Krekler: $30.00
(Mains W. / Krekler, 1960)   Herbaceous Hybrid
Double vivid  pink. Midseason

Black Swan $75.00
(Murawska, 1968)

Rare dark maroon black with some yellow tips in centre, blooms mid-season

Border Charm $90.00
(Hollingsworth, 1984) Intersectional              
Single yellow peony with large dusky flares in centre, 20 inches, blooms early to midseason.

Bravura Supreme $35.00
(Krekler) Lactiflora
red single, early.

Browns Red Jap $25.00
(Brown) lactiflora
Japanese  deep pink with a gold centre. Fragrant.  midseason.

Carnation Bouquet $55.00
(Seidl, 1996) Herbaceous  Hybrid
bright pink double, mild fragrance, flowers mid-season.

Carrara $30.00
(Bigger, 1952) Lactiflora
Japanese form with white petals and a gold centre. Flowers midseason.

Coral Charm $30.00
(Wissing, 1964) Herbaceous Hybrid;
APS Gold Medal 1986
semi-double coral peach, fades toward yellow, early blooming.

Doreen $30.00
(Sass, 1949) Lactiflora

Magenta pink Japanese form with yellow, fragrant, blooms Mid-late season.

Early Glow $35.00
(Hollingsworth, 1992) Herbaceous Hybrid
ivory single with yellow stamens.  Blooms early.

Early Scout $35.00
(Auten, 1952) Herbaceous Hybrid
ALM 2009
single red, modified fern leaf foliage. Flowers very early

Etched Salmon $50.00
(Cousins, 1981) Herbaceous Hybrid;
APS Gold 2002
double salmon-pink. Fragrant and blooms midseason.

Going Bananas $90.00
(Anderson) Intersectional
single lemon yellow with red flares. Blooms early midseason.

Horizon $30.00
(Saunders, 1943) Herbaceous Hybrid
A single flesh-tone pink with golden stamens. Blooms early season.

Ima-murasaki $85.00
(Japan, before 1937) Suffruticosa Tree Peony
Double reddish purple blooms with deep yellow stamens. It grows many stems to form a wide base shrub

John Harvard $45.00
(Auten, 1939) Herbaceous Hybrid
Deep blood red semi-double on strong stiff stems. Midseason

John's Dream $350.00
(John E. Simkins / Norman and Hazel Cook, Blossom Hill Nursery,2016)  Herbaceous Hybrid        
Japanese form very large yellow with yellow stamodes. Blooms early. Very limited supply!

Joyce $25.00
(Auten, 1938) Lactiflora
Double medium pink, side-buds for longer bloom period, blooms mid-season.

Marie Jacquin $30.00
(Verdier) Lactiflora
Semi-double. Pale pink with yellow stamens, fragrant, blooms mid-season.

Martha Reed $25.00 
(Krekler, 1965) Lactiflora
white with golden stamens, blooms early

Milton Jack $25.00
(Jack, 1980) Lactiflora
Double deep rose with strong stems, flowers midseason

Mr. G. F. Hemerik $25.00
(van Leeuwen, 1933) Lactiflora
Japanese form, very large rose pink with creamy yellow staminodes, slightly fragrant, flowers midseason.

Mrs. Edward Harding $30.00
(Shaylor, 1918) Lactiflora
Double white with golden stamens. stiff stems and excellent foliage, midseason.

Nadia $45.00
(Saunders, 1941) Herbaceous Hybrid
bright cherry pink/red semi-double flowers, blooms early.

Orchid Annie $30.00 
(Klehm, 2003)  Lactiflora
double soft pink with several flowers per stem, blooms midseason.

P. tenuifolia rubra plena $65.00
double red fernleaf peony, one of the first to bloom each year

Peter Barr $30.00
(unknown) Herbaceous Hybrid
single crimson peony with cutleaf foliage, very early

Pink Spritzer $25.00
(Klehm, 1999) Lactiflora
unique cactus type curled petals, a mixture of green, rose and creamy-white.

Prairie Moon – (Fay, 1959) Herbaceous Hybrid
$55.00 soft yellow semi-double fades to creamy yellow, blooms midseason

Pride of Blasdell – (Kelsey, 1934) Lactiflora
$30.00 Japanese form, dark pink guard petals with yellow staminodes, blooms mid late season

Raspberry Charm $40.00 
(Wissing/Klehm, 1985) Herbaceous Hybrid 
raspberry-red large semi-double cup-shaped flower on strong stems

Raspberry Sundae $30.00
Klehm, 1968) Lactiflora
double large pale pink outer petals surrounding a ring of pale yellow petals topped with pink petals, fragrant, flowers midseason.

Red Charm $40.00
(Glasscock, 1944) Herbaceous Hybrid:
APS Gold Medal 1956
true red, bomb-type double, excellent foliage, midseason

Rhapsody $40.00
(Auten, 1956) Lactiflora
Japanese form medium pink encircling cream coloured small petals, blooms mid-season.

Rozella $40.00
(Reath, 1990) Herbaceous Hybrid                         
deep pink double fragrant flower , excellent landscape plant

Ruth Clay $30.00
(Kelsey, 1935) Lactiflora
double, deep magenta (considered red), blooms midseason

Sarah Bernhardt $20.00
(Lemoine, 1906) Lactiflora
double large deep rose-pink, excellent cut flower, flowers mid to late season

Shaylor’s Sunburst $40.00
(Shaylor/Allison, 1931) Lactiflora
single white  with gold stamens, mild fragrance, blooms mid late season
Skylark $35.00
(Saunders, 1942) Herbaceous Hybrid
Single bright rose pink flower with loose yellow stamens, blooms early midseason

Sugar n’ Spice $40.00
(Rogers, 1988) Herbaceous Hybrid
single pink with gold stamens, blooms early

Summer Glow $50.00
(Hollingsworth, 1992) Herbaceous Hybrid
double peachy yellow , blooms mid late season

White Cap $40.00
(Winchell, 1936)
Japanese deep pink with white staminodes, fragrant, mid-season

White Innocence $50.00
(Saunders, 1947)
Single white with unique greenish centre, tall, blooms late


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