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We continue to grow many perennials but our first obsession was with the British strain of Delphinium elatum. These strong, hardy plants with their impressive floral display truly deserve the title, ‘Queen of the Border’. Potted plants are available for shipping and at the nursery beginning in early spring until late autumn. The plants that are shipped will be removed from pots but much of the soil will remain.

Delphinium elatum are hybrids and therefore do not produce identical seedlings. Colours include various shades of blue, purple, pink and bicolour (both blue and purple on the same floret) as well as white. All plants are guaranteed to be at least semi-double with no fewer than 13 petals. Variations in growth and colour may occur due to location, atmosphere, soil conditions, etc.

The Delphinium elatum that we sell are our own hardy Canadian hybrids available as:

(1) Seedlings – colour not guaranteed

(2) Year old plants that have already flowered with the florets colour indicated  

Seedlings     Colour not guaranteed     $13.00 per plant
These plants did not flower last season. Later this spring, plants available will be this year’s seedlings. The colour of the seed parent plant is a very good indication of the colour, but there may be some variation. 






Seedling B



Seedling H


Seedling W



Seedling P


Year old seedlings     Colour indicated     $16.00 per plant     SOLD OUT UNTIL FALL BLOOM
These are year old seedlings that have flowered. They are all individuals so there will be slight variations in colour tones, i.e. a range of blues in medium blues. Availability will vary each year.






Year old DB

Dark blue


Year old DHB

Dark purple/blue

Year old MBH

Medium blue/purple


Year old W/B

White, black centre

Year old MB

Medium blue


Year old P


Year old W/W

White, white centre





Since our delphiniums are hybrids they are not true to colour. Below are some variations of the different colours.

Dark Blue


Medium Blue


Dark Pink


Light Pink


Dark Purple






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Last updated Friday, March 01, 2019