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Blossom Hill Nursery
Gardens and Apiary

Thank you all for your continued support and interest in our products. It has been an amazing journey, growing our plants, apiary and sharing the experience with you. It is humbling to think that as we developed our own bit of paradise, we have also helped shape other gardens across Canada and into the USA.

For 10 years, we have developed an apiary. Blossom Hill honey bees are providing honey and beeswax candles as well as mated queens and nucleus colonies.

Blossom Hill specializes in delphiniums and peonies as well as many other hardy perennials. Our plants, including delphiniums and peonies are grown in our own fields. The peonies are propagated by either division or grafting but not by micro-propagation. We sell directly at our farm gate or ship to Canadian addresses.  Our peonies have won many awards including American and Canadian Championships.

We have developed our own line of Delphinium elatum from British strains. They possess stronger stems, larger florets and are hardier than other Delphinium elatum.  Our delphiniums have won the only two Bronze Medallions from The Delphinium Society (UK) awarded in Canada.

Check out our award winning peonies and delphiniums on our webpage or even better, tour our gardens. We are open by appointment beginning in late-May.

The display gardens are closed for the 2019 season.


Last updated Monday, July 01, 2019