Itoh and Tree Herbaceous
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Semi-double raspberry-red bloom with yellow undertones, yellow stamens and dark red flares. Very attractive bloom with fine cutleaf foliage on a rounded bush.

Saunders, 1941
Lutes Hybrid Tree Peony
Boreas–God of the North Wind The very dark red burgundy petals are slightly ruffled. Strong slightly spreading plant presents the fragrant flowers well.
Daphnis, 1977
Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony
Border Charm


Single yellow peony with large dusky flares in centre. A shorter plant that grows to a broad shrub. It is about 20 inches and looks great at the front of the border. Blooms early to midseason.


Hollingsworth, 1984
Chinese Dragon

Semi-double crimson-mauve petals with dark red flares and golden yellow stamens.

Saunders, 1950
Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony
Ezra Pound Large single to semi-double light mauve pink flowers with prominent purple flares are situated above the foliage for excellent garden display. It is extremely fragrant and is one of our most reliable bloomers regardless of winter conditions. Excellent foliage all season. Final height may be up to 5ft. depending on growing conditions. Formerly ‘Mistress of the Monastery’ it is similar to Guardian of the Monastery but a lighter colour.
Gratwick, 1986
Suffruticosa tree peony
First Arrival

A quite full semi-double lavender-pink flower on a compact dark green plant. The base of the petals is dark lavender. An excellent garden plant with abundant flowers. Blooms midseason.



Anderson, 1986
Godaishu Single to semi-double large pure white flowers. Foliage is a blue-green colour
Japan, 1931
Suffruticosa Tree Peony
Golden Bowl Single bright yellow petals with red flares. A strong growing plant.
Saunders, 1948
Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony
Golden Era Very heavy textured yellow petals with reddish flares. One to three flowers per stem held well above foliage. Both pollen and seed produced for breeding.
Reath, 1984
Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony
Kopper Kettle A wonderful combination of red, orange and yellow which shows as copper. It fades for an attractive feature to the garden. A strong plant with great foliage. Blooms midseason.
Anderson, 1999
Pastel Splendor Striking contrasts in this semi-double, between the ten creamy white petals touched with lavender pink and the dark reddish purple flares. Many carpels in the centre but few stamens so the flares are very noticeable. A strong grower and excellent landscape plant. Blooms midseason.
Anderson, 1996


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