Itoh and Tree Herbaceous
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Happy Days

Semi-double bloom of yellow undertones blended with pink and reddish shades. One of the Saunders ‘Tea-Rose’ group.

Saunders, 1948
Lutea Tree Peony

Double reddish purple blooms with deep yellow stamens contrasting in centre. This tree peony takes a few extra years to establish in our environment because it experiences winter damage. It grows many stems to form a wide base shrub plant but is not as reliable of a bloomer as some, especially when young.

Japan, before 1937
Suffruticosa Tree Peony
Marchioness Flared petals in a single flower of lemon yellow blended with rose and raspberry red flares. A vigorous plant with strong stems and excellent foliage. Mid-season
Saunders, 1942
Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony
P. Suffruticosa -Joseph Rock; P. rockii

A collector’s tree peony with large pure white blooms with dark purple flares in the centre. It has gold stamens in the center and is truly striking. This strong growing plant reaching at least 5 feet here. It is fragrant and an excellent garden plant. Hazel’s favourite tree peony. These are our own propagations and very few are available.

Tree Peony  
Spring Carnival Large single or semi-double gold flowers, with red edges and burgundy flares. Flowers held erect for a pleasing display.
Saunders, 1944
Lutea Hybrid Tree Peony


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